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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Olive Pride’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced locally at the Mont Rouge Olive Estate in the Western Cape. It is made from a blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina and Mission olives. The Frantoio olive is a typical Tuscan varietal, with sharp green overtones. The Leccino olive produces oil with soft, subtle, herbaceous flavours and the Coratina olive produces a somewhat bitter oil. The Mission olive is more suited to table olive production but still produces a delicate oil. A combination of these oils leads to Olive Pride’s Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s unique aroma and flavour.

The oil is produced under controlled conditions and is cooled and pressed within hours of picking. The olives and the juice pressed from them, never reach temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius to maintain the oil’s flavour and anti-oxidants.

Olive Pride’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is low in saturated fats, has a rich supply of anti-oxidants, has no added preservatives and is cholesterol free. Besides these benefits, it is rich in Vitamins E, A, D and K.

Unlike wine, olive oil does not mature with age and should be consumed as fresh as possible to guarantee the most benefits. We do not recommend heating up the Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to its low smoke point. Use our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a condiment drizzled over dishes, added into salad dressings, or to accompany freshly-baked bread.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in 500ml and 2lt packs and is available at all major retailers.

To discover all the beautiful notes in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, take a look at our guide to tasting EVOO.

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