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Whole Kalamata Style Olives in Brine TUB

Olive Pride’s range of olives offers food lovers a choice of delicious olive snacks. Produced from only the best Manzanilla olives, Olive Pride’s olives are a tasty and affordable snack and a great addition to several dishes. Manzanilla, also known as the Olive of Seville, is the most common variety of Spanish olives. It is a medium-sized green to purple-black olive grown especially in and around Seville, Andalusia.

The Kalamata olive is a large black or brown olive with a smooth, meaty texture named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, Greece. Often used as table olives, they are usually preserved in wine vinegar or olive oil. They are almond-shaped, plump, dark purple olives from a tree distinguished from the common olive by the size of its leaves, which grow to twice the size of other olive varieties. Kalamata olives, which cannot be harvested green, must be hand-picked in order to avoid bruising.

These delicious olives are ideal for cocktails, finger foods, pizza toppings, pasta sauces, salads and tapenades.

Our wide range of olives is available at all major retailers in South Africa – look out for the green and red packs.

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