Adding a #TouchOfPride to a South African Favourite

An Urban Tale

Khanya moved to Gauteng about five years ago, she’s settled and loves her job as a content producer for one of SA’s metropolitan radio stations. She just moved into a new flat and is having a social get-together to celebrate. She’s decided to invite some old friends for lunch and to take it way back. On the menu is some freshly fried Amagwinya, made extra scrumptious with Olive Pride’s Blend of Seed Oils and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She plates atchar, chips, polony, and cheese so her guests can choose what they want with their Amagwinya. The day was a great success because when you want to serve something you know everyone will enjoy, there is only one favourite go-to: Amagwinya.


A Tale of Opulence

After a fun-filled day at the beach, a family walks to their home just a couple of metres away, looking forward to a shower and some cool relaxation. Nearing the house, they start to smell it. Nana made vetkoek. The children can hardly contain themselves. No one makes a vetkoek like Nana. As they enter the kitchen, they feast their eyes on the spread that has been laid out for them. Mince, cheese, jam, syrup, and even marmite. Nana thought of everything. But then again, she usually does. It’s her job. After everyone has washed up, they gather around the table, and Nana is filled with pride. It is what life is all about: eating together, enjoying each other’s company, sharing a meal with loved ones; these moments create memories of love and joy that never fade. It is the most important thing.

Paying homage to an Icon

Every family in South Africa knows the real value of a Vetkoek/Amagwinya. It is magical way beyond its versatility. It has the power to bring people together as all meals do. But there is much more encapsulated beneath its golden exterior. It has the ability to affect your life positively. It can put food on your table or be the food on your table. It is a vessel of savoury goodness that has become part of the fabric of the South Africa, appropriated into all cultures.

It is home on the street, in the shebeen, at a braai, or a restaurant chain. It is trending at the markets and street cook out’s. The esh beyond its golden exterior accommodates everyone’s taste. It is served plain or served it with syrup, jam, chocolate, cream, cheese, mince, polony, liver, butter, chicken, pulled pork, snoek, mango achar, chips, sausage, or anything else imaginable. It can be fancy nger food or as big as a 16-year old’s head. It is both dainty and unapologetically messy.

Because Olive Pride’s Blend of Seed Oils and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for deep-frying Vetkoek/Amagwinya, due to its high smoke point and the delicious olive aroma it adds to the final result, we decided to create a day, especially for this South African treasure.

Finally, there is a day to celebrate this national icon. It is as diverse as our nation is. A favourite for young and old, working or unemployed, meat lovers and vegetarians. These deep-fried balls of dough have an unlimited potential to delight, and on the 30th of August, it will have its turn in the spotlight.

Add a touch of pride to your recipe, or try ours here and celebrate the first ever National Vetkoek/Amagwinya Day with us on 30 August 2017.

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