Behind the Scenes: A Recipe in the Making

Anyone who has ever experimented in the kitchen knows that sometimes, what seemed like a good combination just before you fell asleep the night before, doesn’t always work out well the day after. But, working with a professional team at The SA Chefs Academy, means we know we get innovative recipes that are sure to entice and delight.

We know that eating is a sensory experience, we eat with our eyes first. Even though we realise we’ve created pure magic in the kitchen, you will want to see it, to believe it.

Being on set is not an easy task! It is busy, a tad chaotic, and you would be surprised at the intricacies. From lighting and attention to detail, to camera angles and of course, where the images will be used all dictate how we can take a photo. Even if a recipe takes 15 minutes to complete, on set it can take up to two hours, to make sure that we can capture the dish in such a way that you cannot help but drool when you see it. Despite long days on set, who’s complaining when we can nibble on our creations throughout the day?

Nothing brings people together quite like good food, so try these tested recipes below for your next family get-together.

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