Open – Pop-Up – Pour – Repeat

What does one look for in a good product, especially an extra virgin olive oil, like Olive Pride’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Let’s start on the inside – a delicious blend of high quality cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil. Olive Prides EVOO is produced in Porterville and is a blend of 4 different olive varietals – Coratina, Leccino, Frantoio and Mission olives. But you knew that already right? You are looking for a beautiful gold coloured oil and our EVOO has a particularly intense peppery or piquant taste. This is because it is a blend of the various varietals which have their own characteristics. We are looking also for an oil with no defects when it comes to colour and aroma and oleic acid content. Good all the boxes are ticked.

Now on the outside – what the golden deliciousness is packed in. There are many options when it comes to Olive oil but Olive Pride has opted for a stained PET bottle – this coloured bottle offers the same protective properties as glass but with the added benefit that it is squeezable, recyclable and super safe for little hands who like to help around the kitchen. The best feature of all though is the POP-UP pourer.

The benefits of the pop-up pourer:

  • The innovative spout pops up every time you remove the lid,
  • Guides the oil to where you want it as you pour,
  • Allows excess oil to drip back into the bottle
  • Does not expose the oil to too much oxygen, which in the long run will affect the taste of the oil.

This is a real winner for me! Open, Pop-Up, Pour, Repeat

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