Spring Day

Spring has sprung! From here in the beautiful Cape it’s difficult to tell as it is a very overcast and moody day. Nonetheless it’s a time where everything seems fresh and new – fruit trees are budding, bees are getting busy, everyone’s mood seems lighter and the promise of hot sunshiny summer days makes everything brighter.  It is also in spring that the annual olive tree cycle kicks into first gear. I have done some research and found this great article on the site – click here to read it.

It is only with wonderment that one can look at this process and I feel so privileged to be part of it all. This means that as of now the trees from which we produce our Olive Pride Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be sprouting little buds and soon blossoming. In autumn we will harvest, press and bottle immediately.

Enjoy the article. I am off to the kitchen. I have a new recipe to try – Coconut Crumbed Prawn and Cucumber Salad – #oliveit

Love Olive xoxo

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